Ten tips for affiliate in franchising Part3

7. Remote assistance provided by the franchisor

Another factor that indicates the degree of seriousness of the franchisor to the prospective franchisee (affiliates ), it also identifies remote from assistance after the course is guaranteed to allow the prospective franchisee to operate in total safety. However, at least in our case it goes further assistance is guaranteed not only in the start-up phase, but above all the time in which faults occur, the franchisor is always available with its own remote assistance service.

8. Managerial assistance

Even the assistance of management, provided by the franchisor, in the start-up phase of the business, is a plus that attests to the degree of seriousness of the same franchisor ; namely places utmost importance in this specific phase, in order to avoid all problems that occur at the beginning of this entrepreneurial journey by the same franchisee.

Assistance also commercial, where, as a result, there were no results in line with the expectations of both parties contractually bound ( franchisor – franchisee ), especially when you have to face socio-economic times such as we are currently experiencing.

Here the value and sense of responsibility that allow, for a network like ours, to last.

9. information on operations

Choosing a reliable identification of the franchisor is evaluated by focusing on a few points far from irrelevant:

A. Submit to the prospective franchisee the way in which the services take place and the degree of complexity of these procedures involve procedural, especially in the delicate procedure relating to the collections .
B. Degree of difficulty / ease using the software and equipment necessary to accomplish the same task.
C. Degree of difficulty / ease of automated processes related to accounting and billing purposes.
D. Degree of difficulty / ease of the procedures for obtaining authorizations to operate .

10. Budget Input

This tenth point deserves appropriate attention, sometimes a future franchisee can be found in a rather awkward and uncomfortable, especially when faced with offers that magnify proposals affiliations low investment or, in some cases, even without payment of any entrance fee, beware ! Sometimes these phenomena are the result of chains that have no organization, which is aimed, first, to collect the money without having to care about the success of their business affiliate and business continuity. Phenomena, which now reflect a trend growing steadily increasing.

Therefore it will be important and a prerequisite for the future franchisee, do not dwell on the simple and enticing aspect of low or non-existent investment, as we have seen are quite different are the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat make the difference.

Ten tips for affiliate in franchising Part2

4. Verifying Permissions

In the case of a type of franchise, comparable to ours, in which operations are subject to the supervision of national agencies (see Ministry of Economic Development and the Bank of Italy and / or others of equal importance ), it will be essential that the same is always performed a testimony of the truthfulness.

The future franchisees who will be ready to sign a franchise contract, he will supply all the documentation attesting to the legality of the regular business of the future that will carry the signature of the contract.

The process exposed will need to avoid unpleasant surprises once it is signed and possibly even paid.

5. Number of Franchisees in business

The history and the market presence of the Franchisor, together with the number of franchisees ( franchisees ) in assets, is an important demonstration that shows the solidity of the company, the strength of its business in a medium and long period of time, the low turnover of the closures, are the factors to which you will have to pay the utmost attention.

Unfortunately, in this field, we have seen very often in phenomena that promised everything and in less than two years, at most three, disappeared from circulation.

Being on the market for over a decade, as in our case, means having tested the whole process and proven reliability to contractual obligations that characterize a complex network and important as ours; demanding, but aware of its value and current experience in the field.

6. The type and duration of training

The quality of training and its duration, are factors that indicate the seriousness of the franchisor, but above all the sense of responsibility that the franchisor wants to put in first place in transferring all the information needed to achieve good results in managing and transforming the future of affiliate in the shortest possible time, in a real small business owner himself.

Therefore, the time devoted to the duration of the training courses, the topics in theoretical and practical, in the week of contract, reflect the concepts of relevance and intensity of commitment by the entire organization.

Ten tips for affiliate in franchising

A franchise contract that advertises a minimum investment spending, or even nothing, shows, with equal certainty, a result that proves increasingly mediocre, almost always, a real FLOP!

1. Caution !

Despite the presence of a law regulating the contracts of the franchise which will operate in this field, it is advisable to act with great caution, but above all to collect as much information on the organizational structure of the franchisor, the ubiquity of the network, its history, training programs provided for their franchisees ( franchisees ) and the quality of the assistance to them.

2. The Contract

The main rule is to never sign a contract without first discussed and understood at various points including the same business proposal, even the most insignificant point may hold unpleasant surprises, but above all to never trust the promises voiced by voice, you prove to be worthless and devoid of merits .

3. Corporate Structure

A good organization must be able to count on a deployment of qualified staff and resources necessary to ensure the network achieving the objectives and necessary for the continuity of the system at the same time, the primary objective of ensuring the whole process of project development franchise.

All of this commitment, to add to the numerous contractual obligations to which a franchisor is subject to whom it must follow with the utmost rigor and respect. Obligations that involve assistance to franchisees, the evaluation of the opening and assistance to new points, up to the control, “day by day”, entire network.

Therefore, in order to achieve this, it is important to have an excellent and proven organization, together with a diligent administrative policy and financial stability determined by express a corrected balance sheet data .